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What the Rat Brain Tells Us About Yours

The evolution of animal models for neuroactive medicine.

The Evolutionary Pull of Ocean Tides

How animals’ biological clocks turn with the tides.

This Doesn’t Sound Tasty

How moths bat away their predators.

Only Street Dogs Are Real Dogs

Purebreds don’t satisfy the biological definition of a species.

How an Elephant Loses Its Tusks

Elephants without tusks are a response to the selective pressure of poaching.

Fish Can Be Smarter Than Primates

To understand the plurality of intelligence, look under water.

Why the Songbird’s Serenade Is Going Off Key

Urban din is forcing animal mating calls to be either unsexy or unheard.

In Which I Try to Become a Swift

The closest I ever got to flying with the birds was on the ground.

What Wild Animals Do in the Dark of the Night

Capturing wildlife with flash photography at the turn of the century.

Can a Cat Have an Existential Crisis?

Treating my cat for depression caused me to question the state of anxiety in animals and us.