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The Superorganism That Created the Pandemic

A spotlight on the species that dominates the global ecosystem.

We Need to Talk About Peat

Earth’s great storehouses of carbon are looking ominous.

Never Underestimate the Intelligence of Trees

Plants communicate, nurture their seedlings, and get stressed.

The Dam Problem in the West

On a raft trip down the Green River, a writer faces her environmental preconceptions.

This Is Urban Wildlife Biology

Minks in TV graveyards, and other stories of Chicago’s hidden animals.

Stranger Places

Brief encounters with cuckoos.

Is This Man the Elon Musk of E-Waste?

Eric Lundgren’s electric car goes farther than a Tesla. He’s also going to prison.

How the Elwha River Was Saved

The inside story of the largest dam removal project in US history.

Is the Modern Mass Extinction Overrated?

We are ignoring the gains that balance the losses.

What We Get Wrong About Lyme Disease

The stories we tell about the epidemic get things backward.