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It’s the End of the Gene As We Know It

We are not nearly as determined by our genes as once thought.

What’s Wrong with Bananas

How industrial agriculture stole sex from our most important fresh fruit crop.

Social Inequality Leaves a Genetic Mark

When genetic structure follows social structure.

It’s Time to Make Human-Chimp Hybrids

The humanzee is both scientifically possible and morally defensible.

Why Your Roses Smell Nice

Hint—it’s mostly coincidence.

Central Park Mice Don’t Get Out Much

The genetic stories of New York City rats and mice.

What Both the Left and Right Get Wrong About Race

Setting the scientific record straight on race, IQ, and success.

Ingenious: Dalton Conley

The Princeton sociologist explains why race is not a scientific category.

Why Evolution Is Ageist

Genetic mutation changes from adaptive to dangerous after reproductive age.