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Claude Shannon, the Las Vegas Shark

The father of information theory built a machine to game roulette, then abandoned it.

The Strange Similarity of Neuron and Galaxy Networks

Your life’s memories could, in principle, be stored in the universe’s structure.

Chaos Makes the Multiverse Unnecessary

Science predicts only the predictable, ignoring most of our chaotic universe.

The Impossible Mathematics of the Real World

Near-miss math provides exact representations of almost-right answers.

This Man Is About to Blow Up Mathematics

Harvey Friedman is about to bring incompleteness and infinity out of quarantine.

How to Build a Probability Microscope

The surprising mathematics of the extremely rare.

The Deceptions of Luck

Nature makes chance, humans make luck.

How to Fake It So No One Notices

Seek balance in all things—including subterfuge.

How to Solve the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever

A step-by-step guide to True, False, and Random.

How to Build a Search Engine for Mathematics

The surprising power of Neil Sloane’s Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.