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The Deceptions of Luck

Nature makes chance, humans make luck.

How to Fake It So No One Notices

Seek balance in all things—including subterfuge.

How to Solve the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever

A step-by-step guide to True, False, and Random.

How to Build a Search Engine for Mathematics

The surprising power of Neil Sloane’s Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.

A Travel Guide for the Fourth Dimension

Say goodbye to stable orbits and knotted shoelaces.

The Galaxy That Got Too Big

From atoms to brains, bigger isn’t always better.

Will the Earth Ever Fill Up?

We’ve predicted and broken human population limits for centuries.

How Math’s Most Famous Proof Nearly Broke

Andrew Wiles thought he had a solution to an age-old puzzle. Until it began to unravel.

In Mathematics, Mistakes Aren’t What They Used To Be

Computers can’t invent, but they’re changing the field anyway.

Five Short Stories About the Life and Times of Ideas

A complexity theorist explores how science and culture co-evolve.