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What Makes Music Special to Us?

Clarifying the differences between what animals and humans hear.

How Noise Makes Music

We use music to make sense of the squawks, creaks, and roars around us.

Ingenious: Jonathan Berger

The composer on transforming noise into music.

The Cello Music of the Spheres

Experience mathematical beauty and symmetry in a multimedia work.

How I Taught My Computer to Write Its Own Music

I wanted to build the ideal collaborator. Was I ever surprised.

The Necessity of Musical Hallucinations

That song stuck in your head is your brain doing its work.

Ingenious: Vijay Iyer

On the science and talent of music.

Rhythm’s the Thing

Pianist Vijay Iyer gives us a master class in the science of rhythm.

How Music Hijacks Our Perception of Time

A composer details how music works its magic on our brains.