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Is memorizing a string of words a key to what makes the human brain unique?

Are We Wired to Be Outside?

A neuroscientist searches for the roots of feeling innately connected to nature.

The Neurology of Flow States

Why time vanishes when you’re jamming.

Our Mind-Boggling Sense of Smell

How your brain identifies an aroma from its minute molecular traces is a marvel.

The Neurons That Appeared from Nowhere

How an accident led to what could be a medical revolution.

The Hard Problem of Breakfast

How does it emerge from bacon and eggs?

Your Brain in Love

Anthropologist Helen Fisher tells us what the biology of love is.

A Neuroscientist’s Theory of Everything

Karl Friston takes us on a safari of his free-energy principle.

Mice on Acid

To get a legal hallucinogen to market, rodents need to take the first trip.