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The End of Time

In the fundamental physics of the world, there is neither space nor time.

When the Heavens Stopped Being Perfect

The advent of the telescope punctured our ideals about the nighttime sky.

The Science of Star Wars Weaponry

Just how realistic are lightsabers, blasters, and ion cannons?

Actually, There Is a Time Like the Present

Think there’s no time like the present? Modern physics begs to differ.

Physics Has Demoted Mass

Modern physics has taught us that mass is not an intrinsic property.

Ice Fishing for Neutrinos

Ignorant and lucky at the bottom of the Earth.

The Universe Began With a Big Melt, Not a Big Bang

The cosmological constant and the creation of the universe.

A Letter to Einstein from the Future

Two Princeton physicists catch Albert up.

Will We Ever Know What Dark Matter Is?

The search for the elusive material is reaching the end of its tether.

What Is Space?

It’s not what you think.