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For Kids, Learning Is Moving

Children’s brain development is fueled when they find their own way.

How to Tell If You’re a Jerk

If you think everyone around you is terrible, the joke may be on you.

A Mental Disease by Any Other Name

For Frank Russell, reinterpreting his schizophrenia as shamanism helped his symptoms.

Why We Love How-to Videos

Instructional videos can teach us anything—especially if you watch them this way.

Sports Hooliganism Comes Down to a Fear of Death

Fan riots are sparked by terrible insights that the Grim Reaper is winning.

Selfishness Is Learned

We tend to be cooperative—unless we think too much.

Not All Practice Makes Perfect

Moving from naive to purposeful practice can dramatically increase performance.

When Dating Algorithms Can Watch You Blush

The next generation of dating algorithms will use real-life interactions.

No, You Can’t Feel Sorry for Everyone

The idea of empathy for all ignores the limits of human psychology.