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The Ambiguous Colors of Nanotechnology

Kate Nichols’ nanoparticle paints have changed how she sees color.

To Save California, Read “Dune”

Survival on a fictional desert planet has a lesson for the drought-stricken state.

How a Snowflake Turns Into an Avalanche

Meet the avalanche engineers of the Subzero Laboratory.

How Crowdsourcing Turned On Me

One team of strangers helped me with the Darpa Shredder Challenge. Another sabotaged me.

One Percenters Control Online Reviews

Contrary to appearances, online reviews reflect the opinions of the few.

Lights, Camera, Acrimony!

Physicists and engineers face off over how to make room for more data.

Animals Bow to Their Mechanical Overlords

Robots are infiltrating insect, fish, and bird communities—and seizing control.

Einstein’s Lost Hypothesis

Is a third-act twist to nuclear energy at hand?