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The Ecologist Who Threw Starfish

Robert Paine showed us the surprising importance of predators.

Biosphere—The Remake

This time the test is Earth’s own ecological future.

The Problem with Nature Therapy

The medicalization of nature turns a relationship into a dose.

When Plants Go to War

In the fight against insects, plants have evolved an arsenal of ingenious chemical defenses.

The Hidden Power Laws of Ecosystems

As nature scales, complexity gives way to universal law.

Ingenious: Greg Carr

The philanthropist explains his love affair with Mozambique’s once-ravaged national park.

How to Restart an Ecosystem

Economics and conservation are converging to resurrect one of the planet’s greatest parks.

The Hidden Warning of Fall Colors

Did autumn reds and yellows evolve to repel insects?

The Deadly Plant Sneeze

High-speed cameras capture how bouncing rain spreads crop disease.

The Dueling Weathermen of the 1800s

This bitter dispute set the stage for the modern weather forecast.