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Art Is Long, Science Is Longer

My years surveying trees in the Amazon taught me the forest is unknowable.

So I Told These Nomads About the Big Bang…

Anna Badkhen tells us about the experiences that led to her Nautilus feature.

The Natural World Is an Elephant World

Without large herbivores, the wilderness would be a wasteland.

Nature, Pixelated

With our brains plugged into virtual worlds all day, what is real?

The Last Word with Diane Ackerman

Magnifying our mutant, turbulent, symmetrical natures.

The Wild, Secret Life of New York City

Get back to nature, right in your own neighborhood.

The Woods That Time Forgot

In the Mist, a film about a Canary Island forest, opens the archives of Earth’s history.

Cloudy With a Chance of War

His weather forecasts changed the world. Could his predictions of war?