Announcing Nautilus Prime

Nautilus is proud to announce the launch of Nautilus Prime, our digital subscription service. Free for print subscribers, and a buck or two a month on its own, Nautilus Prime delivers PDFs of each of our print magazines to read on your tablet or desktop; eBooks of each of our issues; and exclusive subscriber-only feature content (marked with a key). In other words, the full Nautilus experience, sans print.

Nautilus Prime means you can read us on your phone while riding the subway, or on your iPad on a flight. It means you can read our print magazine, with all of its art and design, even if your actual print magazine is sitting at home. And it means you have a cheaper, digital-only subscription option if you want one, without missing out on any of our content. Of course, most of Nautilus will remain free online for everyone.

If you’re a current print subscriber, then you’re already a Nautilus Prime member. Just log in to Nautilus Prime using the email address that you ordered your subscription with. Or, if you’d like to become a Nautilus Prime subscriber, you can order your Prime-only subscription, or your print subscription.

At the same time as we launch Nautilus Prime, we are also increasing our print edition publication frequency, from four times a year to six—and launching our Prime Time sale, with $10 off subscriptions. More issues, Nautilus Prime, and a lower price means there’s never been a better time to subscribe.

PS – Yes, we would have liked to have launched Nautilus Prime this Saturday, March 14, 2015, this century’s best Pi day. But that is just an irrational regret. Besides, this way you get it sooner!