Facts So Romantic

A Reader-Powered Scrapbook of Nautilus’ First Year in Print

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since the launch of Nautilus. Thankfully, our readers and staff have kept a kind of scrapbook of memories from this year. So, to celebrate our first birthday, here we present some of the ways people have captured their moments with the magazine so far.  If you want to get in on the memory-making, just send us your own picture of you and the magazine. You can email it to us at info@nautil.us, tag us on Facebook, or send us a Tweet. 

All the way back before we had a quarterly magazine, we held a launch party with a short preview of Nautilus.

Our first issue included pieces on what makes humans so special (or not), the uncertainty surrounding us all, and the ways things move.

The second issue tackled unlikeliness, fame, and the secret codes hidden all around us.

And our third, most recent issue, explored what we throw away, where we make our homes, and how we measure time.

We do hope you’ll keep sending us your pictures, and giving us feedback, into year two of Nautilus’ life—and beyond.


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