• Connections_HERO


    One hundred trillion. It’s about the size of the global money supply (called “broad money”), the bacterial count of the human microbiome, and the number of transistors in a supercomputer. It’s also approximately the number of neuronal connections in the human brain. Connection has an exponential, multiplicative power to create complexity. It’s where the meat […]

  • Luo_HERO-F

    Why Is the Human Brain So Efficient?

    How massive parallelism lifts the brain’s performance above that of AI.

  •  Darrech_HERO-2

    How the Fencing Reflex Connects Life and Death

    Primitive reflexes shepherd us into this world, and out.

  •  Powers_HERO

    The Woman Redeemed by Trees

    A story about connection by the National Book Award winner.

  • Sedivy_HERO

    Is the Chinese Language a Superstition Machine?

    How ambiguity in language can create unique taboos.

  • Keats_HERO-7

    The 315-Year-Old Science Experiment

    How counting sunspots unites the past and future of science.

  • Martin_HERO

    “Pop, Pop, Pop.” She Heard Her Brain in Action

    Brain-computer interfaces are opening new possibilities.

  • Preston_HERO

    Learning to Speak Shrub

    Using molecular codes, plants cry for help, ward off bugs, and save each other.