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    The Real Differences Between Human and Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence, it seems, is now everywhere. Text translation, speech recognition, book recommendations, even your spam filter is now “artificially intelligent.” But just what do scientists mean with “artificial intelligence,” and what is artificial about it? Artificial intelligence is a term that was coined in the 1980s, and today’s research on the topic has many […]

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    The Storytelling Computer

    Artificial intelligence needs to think like the mythical trickster.

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    Who Will Design the Future?

    AI will be staggeringly diverse. Its developers should be, too.

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    Why Robot Brains Need Symbols

    We’ll need both deep learning and symbol manipulation to build AI.

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    We Need an FDA For Algorithms

    UK mathematician Hannah Fry on the promise and danger of an AI world.

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    Should You Get an AI Nanny for Your Child?

    Mattel’s AI nanny, called Aristotle, recently gained the notorious distinction of being subject to a bipartisan protest in the US Congress. Plus, there was a petition against it with over 15,000 signatures. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, which organized the petition, argued that Aristotle is a consumerist ploy. It “attempts to replace the care, […]

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    We Need to Save Ignorance From AI

    In an age of all-knowing algorithms, how do we choose not to know?

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    The Case Against an Autonomous Military

    The potential harm of AIs deliberately designed to kill in warfare is much more pressing than self-driving car accidents.Photograph by Airman 1st Class James Thompson / U.S. Air Force In 2016, a Mercedes-Benz executive was quoted as saying that the company’s self-driving autos would put the safety of its own occupants first. This comment brought […]

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    Will This “Neural Lace” Brain Implant Help Us Compete with AI?

    Smarter artificial intelligence is certainly being developed, but how far along are we on producing a neural lace?Photograph by g.tec medical engineering GmbH / Flickr Solar-powered self-driving cars, reusable space ships, Hyperloop transportation, a mission to colonize Mars: Elon Musk is hell-bent on turning these once-far-fetched fantasies into reality. But none of these technologies has […]

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    Is Facebook Really Scarier Than Google?

    On Twitter, in a thread that went viral, François Chollet, an A.I. software engineer at Google, argued, “Facebook is, in effect, in control of your political beliefs and your worldview.”Photograph by Joe Penniston / Flickr Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and C.E.O. of Facebook, admitted recently his company knew, in 2015, that the data firm Cambridge […]