artificial intelligence

  • Rahwan_HERO

    Machine Behavior Needs to Be an Academic Discipline

    Why should studying AI behavior be restricted to those who make AI?

  •  Gallagher_HERO-F3

    Scary AI Is More “Fantasia” Than “Terminator”

    Ex-Googler Nate Soares on AI’s alignment problem.

  • placeholder

    This Neural Net Hallucinates Sheep

    If you’ve been on the internet today, you’ve probably interacted with a neural network. They’re a type of machine learning algorithm that’s used for everything from language translation to finance modeling. One of their specialties is image recognition. Several companies—including Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Facebook—have their own algorithms for labeling photos. But image recognition algorithms […]

  • Nakazawa_HERO

    Waiting For the Robot Rembrandt

    What needs to happen for artificial intelligence to make fine art.

  • Bornstein_HERO-F

    Are Algorithms Building the New Infrastructure of Racism?

    How we use big data can reinforce our worst biases—or help fix them.

  • Tegmark_HERO-2

    The Last Invention of Man

    How AI might take over the world.

  • placeholder

    Why A.I. Is Just Not Funny

    Although A.I. robots can pick up on jokes, they have a lot to learn about telling them.Queen Mary University of London / YouTube In the 2004 film I, Robot, Detective Del Spooner asks an A.I. named Sonny: “Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?” Sonny responds: […]

  • Kanai_HERO

    We Need Conscious Robots

    How introspection and imagination make robots better.

  • AI poker_HERO

    Computers Beat Humans at Poker. Next Up: Everything Else?

      Over the span of 20 days early this year, artificial intelligence encountered a major test of how well it can tackle problems in the real world. A program called Libratus took on four of the best poker players in the country, at a tournament at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They were playing […]

  • westworld_HERO

    Westworld Is Strikingly Real: AI Could Be Conscious and Unpredictable

    Westworld recently wrapped its first season with a few stunning twists and a stunning statistic: With a 12-million-viewer average, it was the most-watched first season of an original HBO show in the network’s history. Westworld concerns a perverse theme park, styled in the fashion of the American Old West. The park’s “hosts,” artificially intelligent beings […]