• Barnett_HERO

    Carbon, It’s Elementary, Dear Reader

    A selection of illustrations from the new book Carbon, One Atom’s Odyssey.

  • ensemble_HERO

    We’re More of Ourselves When We’re in Tune with Others

    Music reminds us why going solo goes against our better nature.

  • placeholder

    Why We Need More Intellectually Promiscuous Scientists

    When Thomas Steitz, Ada Yonath, and Venkatraman Ramakrishnan were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their research, in 2009, they acknowledged a debt. Without the work of two of the Physics Laureates that year, the chemists would have lacked the CCD detectors, or high-quality imaging hardware, they used to model and image ribosomes, […]

  • ball_hero-fake

    Authenticity in the Age of the Fake

    As science blurs the real and unreal, we are learning to distinguish them in new ways.

  • Klein_HERO_1

    When Dating Algorithms Can Watch You Blush

    The next generation of dating algorithms will use real-life interactions.

  • NY skyline fireworks hero

    Why Fireworks Displays Can’t Include a Perfect Red, White, and Blue

    “Mother Nature can be a handful when she wants to be,” says John Conkling, the former technical director of the American Pyrotechnics Association and a professor emeritus of chemistry at Washington College. Except he used a stronger, more colorful word than “handful.” When it comes to fireworks, “she just doesn’t want to give you that […]

  • Saykally_HERO

    Five Things We Still Don’t Know About Water

    From steam to ice, water continues to mystify.

  • Weintraub_HERO-3

    The Executioner We Can’t Live Without

    You’re dead meat without special molecules that kill rotten proteins.

  • Eichelberger_HERO

    Whiskey Can’t Hide Its Age Either

    Anxious distillers are trying to make bourbon old before its time.

  • Ebersole_HERO-4.

    How to Turn Your Dog Off

    Suspended animation is becoming a life-saving medical procedure.