• Dobraszczym_HERO_FULL

    How Imagination Will Save Our Cities

    Scientists might need to take a cue from artists to adapt our cities for climate change.

  • Stager_HERo

    The Deep Time of Walden Pond

    The science and history of the lake Thoreau made famous.

  • placeholder

    How to Give Mars an Atmosphere, Maybe

    The plan for an artificial Martian magnetosphere may sound “fanciful,” but researchers say that emerging research is starting to show that a miniature magnetosphere can be used to protect humans and spacecraft.NASA Earth is most fortunate to have vast webs of magnetic fields surrounding it. Without them, much of our atmosphere would have been gradually […]

  • Q&A_HERO-2

    Is the Modern Mass Extinction Overrated?

    We are ignoring the gains that balance the losses.

  • Segal_HERO2

    To Fix the Climate, Tell Better Stories

    The missing climate change narrative.

  • Wendle_HERO2

    When Climate Change Starts Wars

    Rising temperatures are bringing ethnic tensions to a boil in Central Asia.

  • Rothman_HERO-TITLE2

    How Climate Change Could Starve the Monkeys

    My sister the scientist makes a startling discovery in an Ugandan jungle.

  • Grossman_HERO

    Why Our Intuition About Sea-Level Rise Is Wrong

    A geologist explains that climate change is not just about a global average sea rise.

  • NOAA February temp anomaly

    Wild-Winter Whodunnit—Climate Change Over the U.S. With a Slow Jet Stream?

    This map produced by NOAA shows the land-surface temperature anomaly: how the temperature deviated from normal, on average, over the month. The darkest red areas were 12 degrees Celsius (22 degrees Fahrenheit) above average, while the darkest blue areas were 12 degrees Celsius below average.NOAA A question hangs like a cloud over the deeply weird […]

  • Jet stream Arctic

    A Weather Man Who Reaches for Months, Not Days

    If you want to know the weather tomorrow, meteorologists can tell you. If you’d like to know what it’ll be like in 50 years, climatologists can tell you that reasonably accurately, too. But if you want to know the weather six months from now? That’s a far trickier matter. Between the reliability of short-term and […]