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    Your Vegetables’ Nutrients Change With Their Circadian Cycle

    When looking at the “Nutrition Facts” label on a package of food, the familiar Helvetica text laid out according to the FDA’s exacting specifications, you could easily end up with the impression that the information there is consistently accurate. That the can of minestrone soup will always have the same amount of sodium (a lot), […]

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    Scientists aren’t exactly sure how many new mutations crop up each generation in humans—for years, the standard estimate was round 100-200, but one 2011 study, using whole genome information from two families, has put it at about 30-50. And the rate of mutation is more than a curiosity: Seeing how many mutations separate us from […]

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    Huge Outdoor Orgy GRAF SPACING WRONG

    When the cicadas of Brood II burst into open air—and into song—later this month, after living 17 years in darkness below ground, they will have one thing on their collective, eerily synchronized mind: sex. Though millions of humans inhabiting the mid-Atlantic states will soon hear the insects’ incredible racket, they’re probably unaware that what they’re […]