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    Master cleanse farm-to-table next level, chillwave flannel Truffaut lo-fi Godard. Mlkshk kale chips squid, gastropub vegan tofu ennui YOLO brunch. Chambray meggings Carles messenger bag. Vegan umami skateboard meh, craft beer Tumblr pork belly try-hard chambray flexitarian. Drinking vinegar XOXO gentrify, gastropub Etsy Echo Park Tumblr jean shorts irony occupy heirloom. Small batch Cosby sweater […]

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    What’s Your Story? The Psychological Power of Narrative

    We’re all stories in the end. — “The Big Bang,” Doctor Who In 2003, author James Frey published a bestselling autobiographical memoir, A Million Little Pieces, purportedly detailing his struggle to overcome addiction. Nearly three years later, during a riveting appearance on Oprah, he admitted that several supposedly factual details had been embellished or fabricated. All […]

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    Ingenious: Nautilus and Me

    My wonderful, dangerous life with the amazing nautilus.

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    In the Mind of the Fractal King

    A reconstructed interview on life and fractals.

  • Where_Science_and_Story_Meet_1280x376.jpg

    Where Science and Story Meet

    We make sense of the world through stories—a deep need rooted in our brains.

  • Math_as_Myth_1280x546.jpg

    Math as Myth

    What looks like the golden ratio is sometimes just fool’s gold.

  • Chambered_Nautilus_1280x376.jpg

    Chambered Nautilus

    A metaphor for science.

  • A_Vehicle_Of_Wonder_1280x376.jpg

    A Vehicle of Wonder

    The story that launched generations of scientists