• Levin_HERO

    How to Learn to Love Your Doppelganger

    Hallucinating yourself can be both a symptom and a tool.

  • Tsui_HERO-2

    James Doty’s Helper’s High

    He gave away his last $30 million and felt free—a case study in altruism.

  • Maguelijo_HERO

    The Disappearing Physicist and His Elusive Particle

    He ushered symmetry into theoretical physics, then vanished without a trace.

  • Mhrvold_HERO-2

    Want to Get Out Alive? Follow the Ants

    Ants show that emergency exits can work better when they’re obstructed.

  • Kaiser_HERO

    The Sacred, Spherical Cows of Physics

    Theoretical physics milks symmetry to power its newest tool.

  • Klarreich_HERO

    Math Shall Set You Free—From Envy

    How to do divorce, divestment, and death properly.

  • Barrs_HERO

    Impossible Cookware and Other Triumphs of the Penrose Tile

    Infinite patterns that never repeat have moved from fantasy to reality.

  • Conley_HERO

    Stress Gives You Daughters, Sons Make You Liberal

    We affect our children’s gender, and it affects us back.

  • hand_evolution_052013

    Are Humans the Greatest Things Created by the Human Hand?

    What a waste are two thumbs on the space bar. There they sit, nearly flaccid, punctuating the end of each word, awaiting the call to crack stone or to use sharp flakes to incise wood. It is easy to think of other traits as making us human. We talk, use metaphors, empathize, follow fashions, laugh, play […]