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    Why Are We So Obsessed With Mugshot Hotties?

    On June 18, a photo of a very handsome man was posted on the Web. It wasn’t intended to “break the Internet” Kardashian-style, but that’s pretty much what happened, if only on a slightly smaller scale. Within 48 hours, the portrait garnered 62,000 “Likes” on Facebook and became an online spectacle. Today the Like count […]

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    How Star Trek May Show the Emergence of Human Consciousness

    The Borg capture Captain Jean-Luc Picard and turn him into Locutus, all but erasing his previous identity.CBS   Captain Picard: “How do we reason with them, let them know that we are not a threat?” Guinan: “You don’t. At least, I’ve never known anyone who did.” With this brief, ominous exchange, the heroes of Star […]

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    What Radar Guns Can’t Tell you About the Speed of Pitches

    Paul L Dineen via Flickr Baseball is a fiddly sport. There are countless arbitrary-seeming rules and odd traditions. People who are not familiar with the game sometimes find it near-impossible to understand (and, partly as a consequence, near-impossible to watch). But under the complexity is simplicity: a pitcher throwing a ball and a batter trying […]

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    Take Light, Not Drugs

    How light therapy can treat disorders from depression to Alzheimer’s disease.

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    How Your Brain Gaslights You—for Your Own Good

    Nailia Schwarz via Shutterstock Runners can tell you that sometimes the last mile of a run seems to feel dramatically longer than the first. This perceptual distortion isn’t limited to brains addled by exercise—it’s a consistent feature of our minds.   When we look at the world, it certainly feels like we’re seeing things as […]

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    Ingenious: Christof Koch

    The neuroscientist tackles consciousness and the self.

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    Fooled By Your Own Brain

    Don’t be so certain your senses are telling you the truth.

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    The Curse of the Unlucky Mummy

    When science and fear collide, a supernatural story thrives.

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    When Bad Things Happen in Slow Motion

    Is there more to our experience of time than the foibles of memory?

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    Your Brain Can’t Handle the Moon

    How the moon stirs tension between your conscious and subconscious minds.