• Rodgers_HERO

    Why Is Biomedical Research So Conservative?

    Funding, incentives, and skepticism of theory make some scientists play it safe.

  • Ravindran_HERO3

    Paving Over the Fossil Record

    Why isn’t India doing more to protect its rare evolutionary record?

  • Hutson_HERO-1

    Selfishness Is Learned

    We tend to be cooperative—unless we think too much.

  • Horne_HERO-2

    What Wild Animals Do in the Dark of the Night

    Capturing wildlife with flash photography at the turn of the century.

  • Foster_HERO

    In Which I Try to Become a Swift

    The closest I ever got to flying with the birds was on the ground.

  • Currents_HERO


    There is a miles-long solitary wave trundling its way across an ocean right now. It will travel for days on end without changing its shape, before dissipating its billions of joules of energy onto some unseen shore or trench. If you had traveled with it, it would have seemed like the ocean is moving backward, […]

  • Krieger_HERO3

    Bacteria Are Masters of Tai Chi

    The remarkable science that helped me understand what it means to be a physicist.

  • Wald_HERO

    The Surprising Importance of Stratospheric Life

    The science of bacteria in the atmosphere is getting its moment in the sun.

  • Scoles_HERO-still

    The Strange Blissfulness of Storms

    Is there a biochemical reason that extreme weather makes us happy?

  • Carrol_HERO-2

    The Ecologist Who Threw Starfish

    Robert Paine showed us the surprising importance of predators.