• Steinsaltz-HERO-F

    How to Build a Probability Microscope

    The surprising mathematics of the extremely rare.

  • Wald_HERO

    How to Be Lucky

    It pays to imagine your life is on a winning streak.

  • bird mobbing_HERO

    Why Birds Love Mobs

    When I tell Katie Sieving, an avian wildlife ecologist at the University of Florida, that it’s probably a stretch to call “mobbing” an act of heroism, she laughs. Mobbing, as the term suggests, involves a mob: It’s when a group of animals band together to harass and drive out a common predator—a behavior already well-known […]

  • dome over manhattan_HERO

    The Secret of Buckminister Fuller’s World-Changing Ideas Was Serendipity

    In his 2016 book, You Belong to the Universe, Jonathon Keats sets out to release Buckminister Fuller from “the zany sci-fi designs that made him notorious, and rescue him from the groupies who have impounded him as a cultish prophet.” Keats, a writer and artist who whips up his own world-changing ideas through trickster gallery […]

  • prague clock_HERO

    The Cosmos’ Fine-Tuning Does Not Imply a Fine-Tuner

    Bad ideas die hard, and then sometimes they come back to life. One such bad idea is the so-called design argument that goes something like this: “Behold the human eye: It is perfectly adapted to seeing the things we need to see, like predators or potential mates. It looks almost like the eye was designed […]

  • Adams_HERO

    The Not-So-Fine Tuning of the Universe

    There’s more than one way to build a universe suitable for life.

  • Sabeti_HERO_2

    Spark of Science: Pardis Sabeti

    The computational geneticist explains why she chose research over being a doctor.

  • Levy_HERO

    Investing Is More Luck Than Talent

    The surprising message of the statistics of wealth distribution.

  • animal rescue_HERO

    How Animal Rescuers Are Burning Out Their Empathy

    No one likes to hear about the freezers full of euthanized animals. It’s an uncomfortable reality, but often animal rescue workers have no option but to kill sick or badly wounded animals—as humanely as possible. For these professionals and volunteers, administering euthanasia is a major contributor to compassion fatigue—the chronic stress that stems from extended […]

  • Backman_HERO

    Spark of Science: Jon Beckmann

    The conservation ecologist discusses the plight of animals in a human-dominated landscape.