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    The Caveman Guide to Parenting

    Just as Paleo dieters assume a mismatch between human biology and the food culture of the postindustrial West, Paleo parents believe that modern parenting habits don’t support healthy child development.Photograph by H. Armstrong Roberts / ClassicStock Every evening as the sun sets, Robb Wolf begins his nightly ritual: While his two daughters play, he slowly […]

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    Maybe We Haven’t Seen Any Aliens Because They’re All Dead

    If astronomers fail to detect any other civilizations, whether extant or extinct, they may be forced to conclude that we are alone.Photograph by U.S. Department of Energy / Wikicommons The aliens may have found their grave. As we sweep the radio frequencies, we hear only noise; as we slew our telescopes, we see barren pixel […]

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    Defy the Stars

    What’s the real difference between man and machine?

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    Your Robot Car Should Ignore You

    Some research suggests that cars would be safer with no involvement from humans at all.

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    The Multiverse As Muse

    The uncertainty of quantum mechanics provided a perfect literary model for Modernist ideas.

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    Does Dark Matter Harbor Life?

    An invisible civilization could be living right under your nose.

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    Shakespeare’s Genius Is Nonsense

    What the Bard can teach science about language and the limits of the human mind.

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    Can You Ever Really Know an Extraterrestrial?

    Knowledge about aliens might be as dangerous as the aliens themselves.

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    A Complicated Question

    A child asks, and war answers.

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    Nature, the IT Wizard

    Nature manages information, the currency of life, with exquisite efficiency.