• Nazi operating room

    Medical Terms That Still Bear the Mark of the Third Reich

    Dr. Hans Reiter achieved the one thing most likely to keep a physician’s name in textbooks forever: He got an illness named after him. While working as a medic in the German army in World War I, he once treated a case of simultaneous inflammation in the joints, eyes, and urethra. This became known as […]

  • Segal_HERO

    The Twin Prime Hero

    Rags, riches, and fame in mathematics.

  • Genes_HERO

    Genes That Won the Fame Game

    Discover genes that unite life on earth.

  • Cameron_HERO

    Fame for 23 Words is 15,000 Years Overdue

    The search for our linguistic DNA.

  • meme_HERO

    The Meme as Meme

    Why do things go viral, and should we care?

  • Coffin_HERO

    Justin Timberlake and the Whoever of Whatever

    Fame drags you down.

  • placeholder

    How a Kids’ Cartoon Created a Real-Life Invasive Army

    Tales of monsters invading Japan are a longstanding tradition, usually involving menacing kaiju—literally “strange creatures”—rising from the sea to wreak havoc on a Japanese city. At this very moment, the country is engaged in just such a war, with an entire army of invasive creatures, but they’re both less fearsome and more adorable than Godzilla […]

  • Paine_HERO_skulls

    Drop-Dead Famous

    If we are to learn how to die, we need teachers.

  • Seigel_HERO

    The Hannah Montana Hypothesis

    Does the Fame Virus plague our youth, and is multimedia to blame?

  • Ching_HERO

    Fame is Fortune in Sino-science

    In China, famous science pays like nowhere else.