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    Finding the Concept That Is Jennifer Aniston in My Brain

    Are your neurons thrown off by this photo? Shutterstock Most of us have an uneasy love/hate relationship with celebrity culture. No matter how much we try to pretend we’re above it all, celebrities somehow seep into our consciousness, whether it’s Miley Cyrus’s cringe-inducing twerking at the VMAs, or our enduring affection for the ensemble cast […]

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    Seven Molecules’ Claim to Fame

    These infinitesimal celebrities shape us and our world.

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    What “The Tipping Point” Missed About the Spread of Ideas

    Jonah Berger says his goal is nothing less than entirely upending the premise of The Tipping Point, the book that launched both the ongoing trend of big-think pop-science books and Malcolm Gladwell’s career as a famous and well-paid corporate guru. In classes he taught at Wharton, Berger told students that “Fifty percent of The Tipping […]

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    Think You Know Science? Bet in the Nautilus Nobel Exchange

    For better or worse, the Nobel Prize is accepted by both society at large and a great many scientists—though they generally loath admit it—as the ultimate metric of success in the sciences. On the good side, the announcement of one of the science Nobels is a surefire mainstream news story dedicated to new, pathbreaking research; […]

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    T. Rex Might be the Thing with Feathers

    Behind every famous dinosaur are unsung heroes.

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    The Famous Anonymous

    The problem with Western test subjects.

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    The philosopher Daniel Dennett has long described consciousness as “fame in the brain.” He believes different representations of reality compete with one another at a subconscious level, and conscious perception begins when one representation wins. It’s a surprising concept. And one that provoked us to look more carefully at fame itself. What we found is […]

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    The Nobel Exchange

    Announcing the Nautilus Nobel Prize Futures Market

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    The Brain on Trial

    It’s not fair to ask jurors to vote on a death penalty.

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    Homo Narrativus and the Trouble with Fame

    We think that fame is deserved. We are wrong.