• Sun_HERO

    Would Twitter Ruin Bee Democracy?

    Simple-majority democracy is used by many animals. But they don’t have social media.

  •  Waldman_HERO

    What We Get Wrong About Dying

    A pediatric oncologist describes the lessons of his practice.

  • Botsman_HERO-F

    How Darknet Sellers Build Trust

    The Amazon for drug dealing is built around user reviews.

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    A Letter from the Publisher of Nautilus

    My name is John Steele. I am the publisher and editorial director of Nautilus. Yesterday an open letter was posted on the National Writers Union website, signed by 19 freelance writers. It stated some writers and editors are “awaiting payment from Nautilus magazine for a collective debt totaling $50,000. Some of us have been waiting […]

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    The Creator of Vsauce Wants Us to Stop Underestimating People’s Intelligence

    Michael Stevens’ videos range from 10 to 30 minutes and blend philosophy, mathematics, and science together: “Which way is down?” and “How to count past infinity” are good examples.Vsauce / YouTube Red What does the science educator of today look like? With the rise of streaming technologies, would-be educators no longer need a network deal […]

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    The Hidden Link Between Morality and Language

    Tragedy can strike us any time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best of it. When Frank’s dog was struck and killed by a car in front of his house, he grew curious what Fido might taste like. So he cooked him up and ate him for dinner. It was a harmless decision, […]

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    Why Smelling the Opposite Sex Can Age You

    It’s possible that sensing the presence of a female may effectively activate processes involved in reproduction, which might facilitate a male’s reproductive success if those females were around, but could increase aging as a consequence.Classic Film / Flickr There’s the usual advice. If you want to live longer, exercise. Eat green vegetables. Avoid stress. Oh—and […]

  • Leckie_HERO

    Buying Freedom

    What happens when you barter a jail break for the wrong person?

  • DeDeo_HERO-F

    The Bitcoin Paradox

    Why cryptocurrency will always be political.

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    Collective Intelligence Will End Identity-based Politics

    It is possible to imagine, explore, and promote forms of consciousness that enhance awareness as well as dissolve the artificial illusions of self and separate identity.Photo illustration by Shane Taremi / Flickr The Canadian poet Dennis Lee once wrote that the consolations of existence might be improved if we thought, worked, and lived as though […]