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    This Is Why Understanding Space Is So Hard

    The overwhelming success of Einstein’s theory was the final blow for Newton’s absolute space—but without absolute space, we continue to struggle to make sense of the forces evinced by Newton’s spinning bucket of water..Photograph by Comstock / Getty Images If all the matter in the universe suddenly disappeared, would space still exist? Isaac Newton thought […]

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    You’re Descended from Royalty and So Is Everybody Else

    Anybody you can name from ancient history is in your family tree.

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    Autistic Prodigies Since “Rain Man”

    Our evolving understanding of “the engineer’s disease.”

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    How Nostalgia Made America Great Again

    When the present looks bleak, we reach for a rose-tinted past.

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    What Does Any of This Have To Do with Physics?

    Einstein and Feynman ushered me into grad school, reality ushered me out.

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    What Pigeons Teach Us About Love

    The sweet, avian romance of Harold and Maude.

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    The Reality of Color Is Perception

    An argument for a new definition of color.