• Larson_HERO-2

    In the Flow on Half Dome

    “I felt elated, alive. ‘Look where we are!’ I shouted. ‘This is crazy!’”

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    Why Europa Is the Place to Go for Alien Life

    NASA is scheduled to probe the Jovian moon in 2023.

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    Why Your Brain Hates Slowpokes

    The high speed of society has jammed your internal clock.

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    How Does Turbulence Get Started?

    The high stakes of solving one of science’s most obstinate problems.

  • Barbour_HOME.

    The Mystery of Time’s Arrow

    This simple model of the universe shows how one natural law points toward order.

  • Traffic_HERO

    Why a Traffic Flow Suddenly Turns Into a Traffic Jam

    Those aggravating slowdowns aren’t one driver’s fault. They’re everybody’s fault.