• Underworlds

    Science is a journey into the unseen, the hidden, the unknown. It’s a journey into the human brain to uncover the neural connections that guide our behavior in the dark, outside the light of conscious awareness. Seismic forces, slowly shifting tectonic plates, the earth remaking itself, are happening beneath our feet, and we above want […]

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    Why We Need to Map the Ocean Floor

    Seabed 2030 uses multibeam bathymetry data collection. “You can get very high resolution, down to centimeters, if you bring the sonar very close to the bottom,” says Larry Mayer.GEBCO Larry Mayer, a marine geophysicist, gets shivers when he looks at a night sky of stars. He understands why we explore outer space and NASA has […]

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    How the Neutrino’s Tiny Mass Could Help Solve Big Mysteries

    Reprinted with permission from Quanta Magazine’s Abstractions blog. Of all the known particles in the universe, only photons outnumber neutrinos. Despite their abundance, however, neutrinos are hard to catch and inspect, as they interact with matter only very weakly. About a thousand trillion of the ghostly particles pass through your body every second—with nary a […]

  • Keim_HERO

    Never Underestimate the Intelligence of Trees

    Plants communicate, nurture their seedlings, and get stressed.

  • Irwin_HERO

    Are We Flushing Our Resistance to Antibiotics Down the Drain?

    Taking account of the drug-resistant germs turning up in rivers and soils.

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    Nautilus to be Acquired by Ownership Group of Super-Fans

    From the newswire: Award-winning magazine and fast-growing science brand poised for growth An investor group of super-fans has banded together as a single ownership group to acquire Nautilus, the literary science magazine with more than 10 thousand monthly paying subscribers and an online reach of more than 10 million. The proposed acquisition is subject to receipt […]

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    Is the Psychology of Greta Thunberg’s Climate Activism Effective?

    Greta Thunberg may have weighted her U.N. remarks toward care and fairness, but she didn’t omit loyalty. “You are failing us,” she said. “But the young people are starting to understand your betrayal.”Photograph by Liv Oeian / Shutterstock Last month, Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenage activist, excoriated world leaders for their ongoing failure to address […]

  • Gallagher_HERO

    Rock Solid Evidence for Other Earths

    A breakthrough in understanding exoplanets.

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    Omniviolence Is Coming and the World Isn’t Ready

    Emerging bio-, nano-, and cyber-technologies are enabling criminals to target anyone anywhere and, due to democratization, increasingly at scale.Screengrab via The Future of Life Institute/YouTube In The Future of Violence, Benjamin Wittes and Gabriella Blum discuss a disturbing hypothetical scenario. A lone actor in Nigeria, “home to a great deal of spamming and online fraud […]

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    Celebrating Science: Co-Sign the Letter

    Gérard DuBois SCIENCE MATTERSMore than ever. Science gave us the light bulb.Science gave us the tractor.Science gave us the vaccine. Science showed us the atom.Science showed us the gene.Science showed us the brain. Science told us about the stars.Science told us about the trees.Science told us about ourselves. Science creates jobs.Science creates solutions.Science creates dreams. […]