• Powell_HERO

    Red Planet Ride-Along

    Hit the trail with the Mars rovers, on the hunt for water and life.

  • Guitchounts_HERO

    An Existential Crisis in Neuroscience

    We’re mapping the brain in amazing detail—but our brain can’t understand the picture.

  • Musser_HERO

    What Happens to Google Maps When Tectonic Plates Move?

    Earth’s tremors can tweak your GPS coordinates.

  • Gallagher_HERO

    The Hidden Warning of Fall Colors

    Drifting above North America in the autumn of 2014, a NASA satellite named Terra partook in some high-altitude leaf peeping. In an aerial photograph snapped that September, swaths of orange and red saturate the green landscape, as if igniting the planet in a smokeless blaze. If an alien spacefarer were to happen upon this annual […]