• Murch_HERO

    Why Birds Can Fly Over Mount Everest

    A story for my grandchildren about oxygen, evolution, and our planet’s fate.

  • placeholder

    Life on Earth Is a Sketchy Guide to an Alien Civilization

    Any assumptions about properties like intelligence or agency that we make based on what we currently know about life on Earth are on exceedingly shaky ground.Photograph by European Southern Observatory (ESO) / Wikicommons You might imagine that in the midst of a global pandemic and all of its social and economic fallout that our minds […]

  • Sen_blog-hero

    The Animal Kingdom Should Have Father’s Day Too

    A concerned clownfish father looking after his nest of tiny, orange eggs.Justin Rhodes Becoming a parent brings out the best in many animals. Although parenting is usually left to the females, males from many species go above and beyond to care for the offspring. Take anemonefish. In Finding Nemo, Marlin swims over 1,000 miles from […]

  • MacNamara_HERO

    T. Rex Was a Slacker

    A natural wonder of the big theropod was how it conserved energy.

  • Perkowitz_HERO

    The Power of Crossed Brain Wires

    Synesthesia makes ordinary life marvelous.

  • Gallagher_HERO

    A Neuroscientist’s Theory of Everything

    Karl Friston takes us on a safari of his free-energy principle.

  • Schneider_HERO

    Could an AI Be Immortal?

    Data is under attack and uploads his brain. Does he survive?

  • Powell_HERO-2

    The Road Less Traveled to Fusion Energy

    This privateer is developing a way to power the world with water and borax.

  • Luo_HERO-F

    Why Is the Human Brain So Efficient?

    How massive parallelism lifts the brain’s performance above that of AI.

  • Nadis_HERO-C

    Why Aliens and Volcanoes Go Together

    Life on other planets may rely on plate tectonics.