• Powell_HERO

    The Planets with the Giant Diamonds Inside

    Mining the mysteries of Uranus and Neptune.

  • placeholder

    The End of Reductionism Could Be Nigh. Or Not.

    Quantum mechanics seems to have a problem with the order of time, which might signal the need for an entirely new type of law.Illustration by Ekaterina Kulaeva / Shutterstock The history of science so far has been a triumph of reductionism. Biology can be reduced to chemistry, chemistry can be reduced to atomic physics, and […]

  •  Scharf_HERO

    Is the Universe Open-Ended?

    An intriguing proposal about what makes reality tick under the surface.

  •  Scharf-3Rev_HERO

    My 3 Greatest Revelations

    The author on writing his new book, “The Ascent of Information.”

  • Marletto_HERO

    Our Little Life Is Rounded with Possibility

    Science expressed only in terms of what happens is getting in the way of progress.

  • Zubrin_HERO

    The Profound Potential of Elon Musk’s New Rocket

    An aerospace engineer explains why SpaceX’s Starship will change everything.

  •  Brooks_HERO

    The Country Gentleman of Physics

    Julian Barbour’s ideas about time and the universe have always roamed free of academia.

  • Scahrf_HERO-2

    A Wrinkle in Nature Could Lead to Alien Life

    There may be more than one way to tune a universe for life.

  • Carroll_HERO

    The Mother of All Accidents

    Odds are, if an asteroid hadn’t crashed into Earth, we wouldn’t be here.

  • Barnett_HERO

    Carbon, It’s Elementary, Dear Reader

    A selection of illustrations from the new book Carbon, One Atom’s Odyssey.