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    Psychedelics Open a New Window on the Mechanisms of Perception

    Hallucinatory drugs may allow our brains to let go of prior beliefs.

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    The English Professor Who Foresaw Modern Neuroscience

    Science and the humanities weren’t separate cultures to this critic.

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    The Trouble with Brain Scans

    An aspiring cognitive scientist faces the sketchy truth about fMRI.

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    That Is Not How Your Brain Works

    Forget these scientific myths to better understand your brain and yourself.

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    I Am a Heroin User. I Do Not Have a Drug Problem

    Carl Hart says drug addiction is often distorted by scientists and the media.

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    Dreaming Is Like Taking LSD

    A new theory explains that dreaming opens our minds to unexplored possibilities.

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    Reading, That Strange and Uniquely Human Thing

    How we evolved to read is a story of one creative species.

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    Outwitting the Grim Reaper

    Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin on how to age successfully.

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    Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV

    Is memorizing a string of words a key to what makes the human brain unique?

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    Are We Wired to Be Outside?

    A neuroscientist searches for the roots of feeling innately connected to nature.