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    A Photographer Who Tinkers With Time

    A still from Stainless, AlexanderplatzAdam Magyar Adam Magyar’s gone viral. His recent series Stainless, in which video recordings of subway platforms are played out in super-slow-motion, has been rippling across the web. Magyar first films people on the platform from a speedily arriving train and then slows the footage down, highlighting details and expressions that […]

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    Photographing Time

    The speed of photography through the ages.

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    The Decisive Moment

    A photographer's quest for the unexpected.

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    When Photographers Are Neuroscientists

    Artists who manipulate photos capture the ambiguity—and beauty—of vision itself.

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    Humanizing Animals With the Most Human Eyes

    People place incredible importance on their eyes. They’re arguably our default tool for perceiving the world, and one of the primary ways we remember and describe one another. Your eye color is on your birth certificate, driver’s license, and online dating profile. Those who make eye contact are considered more competent, friendlier, and more professional. Online […]