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    How Genes Refract Chance

    How remarkable, I thought, that science is fulfilling, in some sense, that ancient aspiration to decipher some measure of our personal nature and fate. In February, for my birthday, I was gifted a 23andMe genetic test kit. I enjoyed this coincidence: Here was a technology, contra astrology, that would have some real purchase, however limited, […]

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    The Weird Age of “Previvors” Is Coming

    Siddhartha Mukherjee has an arresting thought experiment: What if, along with your familiar elementary-school report card, you had a genetic report card—one that read out your propensity for getting each letter grade in each subject? If you get an A in math, and your genetic report card says that your propensity for getting that grade […]

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    Why Sex Is Mostly Binary but Gender Is a Spectrum

    A short genetic history of one of the most profound dimensions of human identity.