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    The Long, Hard Quest to Create Digital Smells

    Of all of the wondrous feats accomplished by Willy Wonka in his candy factory, the most impressive may have been wedging an entire meal into just one unassuming stick of gum: Upon popping it in your mouth and chewing, you’d first taste tomato soup, then roast beef and baked potato, and finally blueberry pie and […]

  • Maxmen_HERO

    A Holy Land for Religion and Science

    In Ethiopia, evolution is not a threat to people of faith.

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    Einstein Among the Daffodils

    A science historian and English professor discuss how physics and poetry mix.

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    A Photographer Who Tinkers With Time

    A still from Stainless, AlexanderplatzAdam Magyar Adam Magyar’s gone viral. His recent series Stainless, in which video recordings of subway platforms are played out in super-slow-motion, has been rippling across the web. Magyar first films people on the platform from a speedily arriving train and then slows the footage down, highlighting details and expressions that […]

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    Photographing Time

    The speed of photography through the ages.

  • Ant vs beetle larva

    The Beetle That Eavesdrops on an Ant’s Secret Language

    Before noon in the Soconusco region of southern Chiapas, down by the border where Mexico meets Guatemala, the lush, green terrain is rife with bodies in motion. It is an area abutting the Pacific, a vast collection of plantations, most of them growing coffee. Hsun-Yi Hsieh, a doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan, has […]

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    Genes That Won the Fame Game

    Discover genes that unite life on earth.