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In Which I Try to Become a Swift

The closest I ever got to flying with the birds was on the ground.

What Wild Animals Do in the Dark of the Night

Capturing wildlife with flash photography at the turn of the century.

Can a Cat Have an Existential Crisis?

Treating my cat for depression caused me to question the state of anxiety in animals and us.

Parasites Are Us

How biological invaders challenge our idea of self and other.

The Other Crisis on the Mexican Border

Animals are struggling to cope with the US-Mexico border wall.

Spark of Science: Sean B. Carroll

One biologist’s love for science got kickstarted by snakes.

What Pigeons Teach Us About Love

The sweet, avian romance of Harold and Maude.

Big Data Is for the Birds

The mysteries of avian migration at night are being solved with computational power.

Chasing James Bond’s Hummingbird

I venture to Cuba in search of the world’s smallest bird.

How Necking Shaped the Giraffe

The private life of the African giant offers a remarkable view on evolution.