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Big Data Is for the Birds

The mysteries of avian migration at night are being solved with computational power.

Chasing James Bond’s Hummingbird

I venture to Cuba in search of the world’s smallest bird.

How Necking Shaped the Giraffe

The private life of the African giant offers a remarkable view on evolution.

The Queen of the Cumberland River

When I traveled south to research fire ants, I discovered a different kind of hive.

Which Endangered Species Would You Save?

Conservation is in the eye of the beholder.

These Males Are Cheating Animals

The tricks they play would make Darwin blush.

The Intelligent Life of the City Raccoon

Adapting to the urban jungle has made Rocky smarter.

Loyalty Nearly Killed My Beehive

My queen was a dud, and her replacement had been murdered.

Can You Spot the Real Animal Hybrid?

Take our quiz on nature’s mutant offspring.

Half Male, Half Female, Total Animal

Mixed-sex animals teach us about our own multifarious nature.