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An Ancient Site with Human Skulls on Display

Where our ancestors began to elevate themselves above nature.

The Greatest Journey of All Time

How the first Americans made their way from Siberia to Patagonia.

These Maps Reveal Earth’s Unspoiled Places

A revolution in archaeology is happening just when we need it most.

Why Symbols Aren’t Forever

The removal of cultural emblems is not the erasure of history but part of it.

The City at the Center of the Cosmos

Robots and lasers are uncovering an ancient, sacred geography.

The Modern Mind May Be 100,000 Years Old

New fossil evidence shows sophisticated thought began earlier than we thought.

The Curious Case of the Bog Bodies

Why do so many corpses found in Europe’s peat bogs show signs of violent death?

Our Neanderthal Complex

What if our ancient relatives did “human” better?