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Why Do So Many Scientists Want to be Filmmakers?

The problem with C.P. Snow’s famous two-cultures hypothesis.

The World’s Most Inspirational Iceberg Isn’t What It Seems

The professional photographer who created a popular poster image takes it apart.

The Brief, Mystical Reign of the Wax Cadaver

Early medical models of human anatomy shrouded death in feminine beauty.

These Nature Photographs Aren’t What They Seem

The visual playfulness of Simen Johan.

How I Tried to Transplant the Musical Heart of Apocalypse Now

Oscar-winning editor Walter Murch describes the surprising idiosyncrasies of film scoring.

The Phantasmagoria of the First Hand-Painted Films

How the silent screen burst to life with color.

A Photographer Who Tinkers with Time

How Adam Magyar slows down in the most impatient places.

Einstein Among the Daffodils

A science historian and English professor discuss how physics and poetry mix.

Six Pictures of Paradise

I was puzzled by the artist’s photographs of my home in the Amazon—then I looked again.

Photographing Time

The speed of photography through the ages.