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An Open Letter to Telescope Protesters in Hawaii

Why astronomy on Mauna Kea is not a desecration but a duty.

Why Astrology Matters

Seeing meaning in the stars is a vital part of the scientific story.

Red Planet Ride-Along

Hit the trail with the Mars rovers, on the hunt for water and life.

Do We Share DNA with ET?

If there’s life beyond Earth, the genetic code might be our common bond.

Galactic Settlement and the Fermi Paradox

The results of galactic colonization models are a mixed bag for SETI optimists.

The Joy of Cosmic Mediocrity

It’s lonely to be an exceptional planet.

The Endless Storm Over Jupiter

Why the Great Red Spot refuses to die.

Rock Solid Evidence for Other Earths

A breakthrough in understanding exoplanets.

When We Were the Cosmos

The director of the Griffith Observatory revisits the dawn of astronomy.