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Galactic Settlement and the Fermi Paradox

The results of galactic colonization models are a mixed bag for SETI optimists.

The Joy of Cosmic Mediocrity

It’s lonely to be an exceptional planet.

The Endless Storm Over Jupiter

Why the Great Red Spot refuses to die.

Rock Solid Evidence for Other Earths

A breakthrough in understanding exoplanets.

When We Were the Cosmos

The director of the Griffith Observatory revisits the dawn of astronomy.

Why Europa Is the Place to Go for Alien Life

NASA is scheduled to probe the Jovian moon in 2023.

The Woman Who Reinvented the Moon

A MacArthur “genius grant” winner writes a new lunar origin story.

So Can We Terraform Mars or Not?

Elon Musk wants to engineer Mars’ atmosphere. Can he?

How NASA’s Mission to Pluto Was Nearly Lost

The inside story of the New Horizons probe.

Is There Beer in Space?

How the emptiness of the void got filled.