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Ingenious: Walter Murch

The legendary film editor on underlying patterns in the cosmos.

Why the Russians Decapitated Major Tom

The story of the genetically engineered mouse cosmonaut.

This Used To Be the Future

A look inside NASA’s Ames Research Center.

Falling in Love With the Dark

One astronomer has taken to U.S. National Parks to rekindle an old romance.

The Beckoning of the Ice Worlds

We’ve been looking for life on Earth-like planets. Will Europa teach us better?

Will ET Drink Water?

The intricate compatibility of water and life on Earth may not extend to other planets.

The 315-Year-Old Science Experiment

How counting sunspots unites the past and future of science.

Jupiter Is a Garden of Storms

Why the Great Red Spot refuses to die.

Mario Livio on 25 Years of Hubble

The astrophysicist looks at the history of the world’s most famous telescope.

Don’t Write Off ET Quite Yet

It’s true that we haven’t seen alien life, but neither have we seen much of the universe.