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Falling in Love With the Dark

One astronomer has taken to U.S. National Parks to rekindle an old romance.

Looking for a Second Earth in the Shadows

Scientists are blocking out the light of distant suns to look for life.

John Bahcall and the Hubble Telescope

Bringing the universe home.

Ingenious: Daniel Wolf Savin

Illuminating the birth of the stars.

The Stories That Galaxies Tell

Peculiar shapes were the key to realizing that galaxies merge.

How the Cold War Created Astrobiology

Life, death, and Sputnik.

Our Prodigal Sun

Searching the heavens for our sun’s family.

The Madness of the Planets

Our home in the universe continues to rock out of control.

Point and Shoot

Special spots in empty space might hold the key to interplanetary exploration.

Worlds Without End

Think we might eventually travel to other planets? In a way, we already are.