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A Quick Spin Around the Big Dipper

See how the night sky would appear from a different part of the galaxy.

The Astronomer Royal

Lord Martin Rees tells us about black holes and existential risks.

When the Earth Had Two Moons

A new model—“The Big Splat”—explains the strange asymmetry of the moon.

Ingenious: Edwin C. Krupp

“Astronomy is almost nothing but the story of light.”

When the Sky Explained Everything

How ancient astronomy sowed the seeds for science and math.

The Billion-Dollar Telescope Race

How three groups are competing to make the first extremely large telescope.

Falling in Love With the Dark

One astronomer has taken to U.S. National Parks to rekindle an old romance.

Looking for a Second Earth in the Shadows

Scientists are blocking out the light of distant suns to look for life.

John Bahcall and the Hubble Telescope

Bringing the universe home.