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Show Me How to Say No to This

How drugs today can cure a crushing love.

Authenticity in the Age of the Fake

As science blurs the real and unreal, we are learning to distinguish them in new ways.

The Dawn of Life in a $5 Toaster Oven

How a homemade piece of lab equipment is recreating chemical evolution on early Earth.

Five Things We Still Don’t Know About Water

From steam to ice, water continues to mystify.

Ingenious: Richard Saykally

The chemist tells us why water is wet.

The Executioner We Can’t Live Without

You’re dead meat without special molecules that kill rotten proteins.

Whiskey Can’t Hide Its Age Either

Anxious distillers are trying to make bourbon old before its time.

How to Turn Your Dog Off

Suspended animation is becoming a life-saving medical procedure.

Teen MacGyver Invents Battery to Save the Planet

14-year-old creates eco-battery with aluminum foil, old guitar strings, and club soda.

Should Science Save Modern Art?

Keeping Father Time at bay is more than a question of chemistry.