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Nature’s Fear Factor

Ecologists argue balance is maintained by predators on the prowl.

The Witness Is a Whale

Uncovering one of the greatest environmental crimes of the 20th century.

The Man Who Seduced the World with Whale Songs

Roger Payne sparked the anti-whaling movement. He’s not done yet.

No Species Is an Island

Cooperation in nature is the key to survival, including our own.

The Ecology of Good Weed

How one small farmer is creating a buzz with organic pot.

Life Always Wins. Follow Me

A botanist is introduced to escapees from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima.

The Incredible Fig

The fig is an ecological marvel. Although you may never want to eat one again.

Plants Feel Pain and Might Even See

It’s time to retire the hierarchical classification of living things.

How Taboos Can Help Protect the Oceans

Pacific Islanders are charting a new course for ocean conservation.

How Surprising Connections Can Save the Ocean

Marine biologist Heather Koldewey on conservation, seahorses, and cross-discipline work.