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New York Under Water

Your future commute to work is on a boat.

Defy the Stars

What’s the real difference between man and machine?

Will Lovelace and Babbage Save the Economy?

A fictional tale starring the inventors of the first computer.

The Weaker Sister

When we have to evacuate Earth, only the strong will survive.

Whom He May Devour

Saving her planet would ban her from paradise.

Warm Fuzzies

If you could bring a loved one back from the dead, should you?

The Best Little Bar in Manhattan

An experiment in belief versus bourbon.

Rent Arlington Hall’s Brain

The implant would make him a brilliant pianist for 24 hours.

The Hit Book That Came From Mars

The Martian started as a self-published blog, and became a major motion picture.

The Art of Painting

Stanley Kubrick and Johannes Vermeer try to see eye-to-eye.