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The Case for Bringing Back the Passenger Pigeon

One geneticist’s quest to de-extinct what was once one of the world’s most abundant birds.

Does Stress Speed Up Evolution?

Getting control of the molecular mechanisms that drive rapid mutations.

The Secret, Stressful Stories of Fossils

A new field called paleoepigenetics is probing how evolution responds to sudden stress.

Science Is Proving That Tragic Curses Are Real

Epigenetics and behaviorism suggest the ancient Greeks were right.

What If Tinder Showed Your IQ?

A report from a future where genetic engineering has sabotaged society.

This Gender Mystery Starts Nine Months Before Birth

The ratio of boys to girls at conception has been misunderstood for centuries.

Bring Us Your Genes

A Viking scientist’s quest to conquer disease.

The Thrill of Defeat

What Francis Crick and Sydney Brenner taught me about being scooped.

Your DNA Is Nothing Special

It’s time to relax about genetic testing.